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Fuyoku was created for a senior-level game development course. The project brief was to create an engaging narrative-driven game with multiple levels from scratch. Our team chose to do a top-down horror game about a father uncovering his daughter's disappearance.


January 2024 - April 2024


Enoch Hsieh, EJ Nicolas, Steven Han, Evan Huang


3D Generalist & Programmer

Engine and tools:

Unreal Engine 5.2

What is Fuyoku?

Fuyoku is a top-down horror game where the player has to uncover the mystery of their daughter's disappearance. By exploring and surviving the abandoned research facility, the player uncovers the dark truth regarding the disappearance.

Fuyoku - Walkthrough Commentary

We have moment-to-moment objectives like picking up resources, resolving enemy encounters and reading information pieces, these combined with our main objective of unlocking new areas, progressing through the level and finding out what happened narrative-wise. The
losing condition of Fuyoku is whenever the player dies.


During the process of this game, we learned a lot about how to create different aspects of survival games and are planning to re-use the programming for future projects. This game taught us a lot and is the stepping stone to making higher-fidelity games.

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